Am I Eligible?

If you are a professional whose goal is to bring a unique skill back to Kashmir, you are eligible to apply to become the next Abdul Ahad Guru Scholar. We encourage applications from all majors and fields.

The qualities sought in the selection of scholars include the following: Compassion Leadership Integrity Expertise in the field of enquiry Knowledge Responsibility

Selection Criteria

Scholars should primarily be in early to mid-career.

Scholars should benefit from a short program of advanced, intensive training at a leading U.S. Institution.

Eligible applicants should devote a majority of their activity to serving interests in Kashmir.

Scholars agree to share and disseminate new skills upon their return to Kashmir.

Commitment & Expectations

Scholars must commit to –

a. Arrange for their own travel to United States (Program does not support travel expenses)

b. Arrive in the U.S. to begin the program on time (including arrival a few days early to adjust to jet lag and a new environment)

c. Attend the entire program of at least 6 weeks (upwards of 90% attendance)

d. Submit an end of program blueprint for implementation of new knowledge in Kashmir

e. Provide Progress Reports at 2 and 6 months

f. Attend all Alumni Meetings and act as a true ambassador for the Scholars Program in Kashmir

Application Process

The Application process will be completed in three stages.

Stage I – Complete your Application Form

  • A. Contact Information (Emergency Contact in Kashmir)
  • B. Area of Interest
  • C. Resume
  • D. Personal Statement
  • E. Letter of Support from Home Institution (Optional)
  • F. Scientific Publications (Optional)

A review panel comprised of Guru Foundation Board members, and ad-hoc experts as needed, will rank the applications and select candidates to proceed to stage II.

Stage II – Process

Candidates selected in Stage I will proceed to the preparation of visit stage ( Stage II). This process involves the following:

  1. Link to a potential mentor/host institution in the United States.
  2. Participate in an interview by Guru Foundation Member or an Expert in the area of Interest via phone or Skype.
  3. Develop a (1 to 2 page) proposal outlining how they will spend their time in the U.S. The work proposal should outline the structure, goals and expected outcomes of the training during the scholarship.

Stage III – Award Notification

The final selection for Abdul Ahad Guru Scholars will be based on a review of the Stage I and Stage II of application process. All applicants will be notified of their status via email. Selected applicants will have two weeks after notification to decide whether they will accept or decline the award. In the event that a recipient declines the award, an alternate will be contacted and offered the award. All award decisions are communicated via email and are final. If you are not selected, your name may be considered in the subsequent years.

Travel Fellowship

Candidates must have completed at least two years of an undergraduate degree by the commencement of the award. Applicants should highlight their interest and experience in the subject of their proposed project. The application may be submitted by December 1st of the year preceding the year of travel. The winner will then be notified on April 1st. The travel itself must occur between May and November. The application should be sent by email and include a one page statement of interest, copies of transcripts, and letters of collaboration with entity/individual in Kashmir (if possible). Selected candidates will receive cost of travel (economy class), educational material, and lodging/food support.

The successful fellow will be required to submit a brief narrative of his/her experience after one month of stay in Kashmir and a detailed project report of the work accomplished one month after returning to the US.