Scholars Program

If you are a professional whose goal is to bring a unique skill back to Kashmir, you are eligible to apply to become the next Abdul Ahad Guru Scholar. We encourage applications from all majors and fields.


Skills for personal growth

The Abdul Ahad Guru Scholarship is a rare opportunity to engage your skills for personal growth and service to Kashmir. Scholars conceive original projects, learn and follow experts around the world and execute new skills in the Kashmir Valley. This program will allow scholars to explore themselves outside of their native Kashmir, expand their vision and place them on the launching pad for success.


Insight & perspective

The program allows for a period of insight, perspective and confidence that shapes the lives of our Scholars. The foundation arranges for the key components of the scholarship, providing financial support for registration, organization and the location of stay for the scholarship period in the United States.This program offers scholars the capability to face the challenges of the modern world and secure Kashmir’s future, despite the severe limitations of its war-torn context.