Farida Noor


Dr. Noor is working as Professor & Head of the Department of Forensic Medicine at Government Medical College, Srinagar. As an Academic at the Medical School in Srinagar, Dr. Noor realized a need for an update to the Medical Ethics and Institutional Review Process. Dr. Noor visited Roswell Park Cancer Institute and observed the processes with Dr. Camille Wicher during the duration of her visit. These experiences lead to a detailed examination of processes in United States and their comparison to established processes in Kashmir. Dr. Noor said it best, “The observation of procedure followed right from assisting the patient in getting admission to the time the patient was discharged was amazing. The use of ethics and etiquettes in dealing with the patients and relatives, coordination between departments in the interest of the patient only was amazing. l would be doing injustice if I don't mention my friend Gloria Lasota, a cancer survivor, who is doing her little bit in giving back to the institute which gave her new life by volunteering in any way she could which translated in my case by she showing me her city of Buffalo, with its beautiful churches, my thanks to my guide Camille for giving me an overall feel of what could be achieved if we all do our own little bit honestly”.