Ghazal Qadri


Ghazal is a Product Designer and an Illustrator. She loves visuals more than words, and uses illustrations to present everyday life replete with a sense of humour. Any moment that fascinates her imagination, she captures in the form of doodles. Ghazal is a B. Design in Lifestyle and Accessories Design from National Institute of Fashion Technology, India. During her stay in Buffalo, Ghazal collaborated with the Society for the Advancement of Construction Related Arts (SACRA)—a training program in carpentry and woodworking— in order to produce a series of tile designs to be implemented by SACRA trainees. Ghazal’s study combined aspects of decorative ceiling patterns from the Khatambandh tradition of Kashmir with ornamentation from historic buildings in Buffalo. Ghazal’s pattern designs were incorporated into furniture components and a large wooden wall relief that are currently under construction at SACRA headquarters at Assembly House. Her goal is to start her own studio in Kashmir in the future. She loves taking up projects that involve design and creativity.