Midhat Fayaz


Midhat Fayaz is a doctoral candidate at the University of Kashmir where she is completing research under the advisement of Dr. Shakil Romshoo, the Chair of the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Kashmir. Fayaz has a breadth of research interests tied to land surface processes, ranging from glaciology-alpine snow and glacier dynamics to seismic microzonation for the identification, planning, and protection of urban development to reduce the earthquake hazard risks in Kashmir valley. She is interested in using her technical skills in geoinformatics to develop methods and approaches that can help identify and protect vulnerable neighborhoods in seismic regions. Her primary area of study is the region of Kashmir. Fayaz’s technical skills are complemented by her determination to improve conditions in her Kashmir. Dr. Romshoo thanks GCF for “supporting the mentoring fellowship of Midhat Fayaz at State University of New York at Buffalo and hopes that it will further strengthen the ongoing collaborative research between Kashmir University and SUNY Buffalo on issues that are of societal importance in Kashmir."